How Ehsan Jaya started?

In 1996, Dato Suresh Rao had an interest and opportunity to venture into the transportation business. Determined to not pass the opportunity, he managed to lease a few 1-tonne trucks and started the Ehsan Jaya Transport business. Over the years, Ehsan Jaya started expanding and our services grew from local to other regions within Peninsula Malaysia. We now cater for various transport services from North to South of Peninsula using fleet of 30 trucks.


Total fleet owned and operated by Ehsan Jaya is 30 trucks


Ehsan Jaya Transport officially relocated to a new HQ in Taman Tun Teja, Rawang


With our growth rate of 2-3 new lorries each year, we finally managed to cover deliveries across Peninsula Malaysia. By end of 2010, we owned and operated 15 trucks ranging from 1-tonne to 10-tonne.


With the growing business, we began purchasing our own trucks and expanded our business to cover major cities in Central and Lower Northern regions of Peninsula Malaysia.


We expanded our business from within Rawang and Selayang to outstation deals in neighboring states.


Ehsan Jaya Transport was formed and started business using rented trucks.